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10 Incredibly Rich People Who Live Modestly 

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All of us have sometimes wondered what we would do if we suddenly became incredibly rich. Most of us imagine all the stuff we could buy, all the exotic destinations we could visit, all the homes, the yachts and the luxury. The list goes on and on.

But not for these 10 people. They are all very much aware how hard they had to work to earn their money and they don’t want to spend it so easily. Some of them are modest, some are plain frugal, but all of them live on much less than they could.

1. Christy Walton


Some would say that Christy is a very lucky woman since she didn’t exactly earn her money. Currently, she is the eighth richest person in the world and the richest woman in the world with $36.8 billion. But you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

She married John T. Walton, one of the sons of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. However, her husband died in a plane accident in 2005 leaving her a very wealthy widow.

Now, you may think she started spending it on luxurious items right away, but it wasn’t really how it happened. Christy devoted her life to being a philanthropist. She decided to spend her money for good causes and so she is involved in many charitable organizations and regularly donates large amounts of money to universities, museums and many other organizations.

She herself, wanted to live a normal life and provide her son with a normal upbringing. That is why she even donated her Victorian house built in 1896. She should serve as an excellent example to all the flashy celebrities out there.

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