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10 Most Inspiring Celebrity Life Stories 

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If you think celebrities have been given everything on a silver platter, you would be wrong. Yes, some of them didn’t have to work much to reach for the stars, but some had to go through thick and thin to get where they are now.

Whether it was financial struggle, or a disease, these celebrities definitely didn’t have an easy life. Check out the 10 most inspiring celebrity life stories which will give you motivation never to give up.

1. Angelina Jolie 


Successful acting career, handsome husband and a beautiful big family – some may think that Angelina Jolie was born under a lucky star.

But this is far from the truth – Angelina had to survive the worst to get the best. 

Her parents, who are both actors, separated when she was just a baby and her mother decided to quit acting in order to take care of her and her brother. As a child, Angelina knew she wanted to be an actress but the road in front of her was a long one. At Beverly Hills High School, she was an outsider since all the other children came from wealthy families while her mother lived more humbly. Moreover, she was constantly teased for being thin and wearing glasses and braces.

All of this led her to transfer to another school where she became one of the punk outsiders, wearing all black clothes and hanging out with suspicious characters. During her teenage years, Jolie had problems connecting with people which led to depression and self-harming.

She also experimented with drugs and tried to commit suicide twice. After a nervous breakdown at 24, she hit rock bottom. Two years later, she adopted her first child, Maddox, and it changed her life. Today, she is an inspiration to all the women and mothers around the world.

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