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10 Worst Movie Set Tragedies

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Going too far for authenticity, ignoring safety regulations, human mistakes and unavoidable accidents have all turned some of these movie sets into crime scenes. These actors and crew members all lost their lives on the job. But what makes these accidents even worse is that most of these tragic deaths have been caught on camera.

Take a look at the 10 movies that took a high price to make.


1. Top Gun – An Aerobatic Pilot 

Top Gun was a huge hit when it came out and it turned Tom Cruise into a star. He, of course, didn’t have to risk his life, but the actual scenes with fighter jets were performed by professional pilots.

One of them was Art Scholl who was a skillful aerobatic pilot. But not even all of his skills could help him save his life that day. Scholl went on the plane just like any other time before to do a difficult flat-spin scene.

The scene, as all the other stunts in the movie, was difficult on its own, but Scholl also reported a problem with the plane. He didn’t manage to solve the problem, so after the scene was done, he crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Neither he nor his airplane was ever found. The movie was dedicated to the deceased pilot.

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