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12 Brilliant Celebrities with Prestigious Degrees

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We already know they are attractive, rich and successful and great at entertaining us in many ways. But some of the famous stars are actually pretty smart too. It may surprise you that many celebrities went to college and have degrees from prestigious universities.

It is awesome to know that some of them are truly the whole package – brains, looks, and talent.

1. Chris Martin


The lead singer from the band Coldplay first went to Sherborne School in Dorset and upon finishing it he continued his studies at the University College London (UCL). He studied Ancient World Studies and earned a degree in Greek and Latin. Not only did he graduate, he did it with first-class honors. That’s pretty impressive, but we already knew he was brilliant considering the music he went on to create after finishing his studies.

The interesting fact is that Martin actually met his future band members at UCL who were studying anthropology, mathematics and engineering. And even though they had a contract secured and an album lined up, they put it all off until they graduated. Their first album (Parachutes) turned out to be a success and a beginning of a prolific career. We’re wondering what the total IQ of all the Coldplay members could be…

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