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12 Celebs Who Support PETA

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Pamela Anderson, who used to be more popularly known for her scantily clad red carpet choices, has now become recognized for much more meaningful things. She has become a PETA India patron and a PETA Honorary Director.


This lovely lady had her plate full just last April 2015, where earlier in the month she promoted veganism in Maricopa county jails to encourage healthy living as well as empathy towards animals. The proponents of this project reason that shifting jail menus from meat to vegan makes the meals cheaper, saving the county $2,000,000 a year in tax payer’s money, and not to mention the countless animals that will be saved.

Later in the month she got busy with elephants. The Animal Welfare Board of India advised Kerala officials that real elephants may not be used for the April 29th Thrissur Pooram. Thrissur Pooram is an annual temple festival held in Kerala, India that typically uses live elephants for the festival parade. This year, Pamela Anderson has offered to shoulder the cost of 30 lifelike elephants made out of bamboo and papier-mâché instead of the real elephants. The use of trained elephants for festivals has recently come under scrutiny because of the trauma these activities can cause to these intelligent and sensitive animals.

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