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12 Hollywood’s Trendiest Celebrities

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When you’re a Hollywood A-lister, you have to be very careful when it comes to your fashion choices. If you follow everybody else, you will seem unoriginal and boring and if you take too much risks you just look to eccentric and attention-seeking. But every now and then, a celebrity really hits the nail on the head and gets it exactly right.

These 12 stars know their way around fashion and they set the bar high for all other celebrities.


1. David Beckham

The Beckham family is famous for their flawless sense of style, but we chose to include David on our list since he easily transformed from a soccer player into a fashion icon and a role model to all men on the planet when it comes to style.

Whether he is on the red carpet holding his wife’s Victoria’s hand or if he’s on the street with his children, this 40-year-old hottie still has all the necessary assets in order to be rated as one of the trendiest men among celebrities.

We don’t even need to start about his Calvin Klein and H&M ads because the man looks equally good in a suit and in his underwear. But let’s not forget the casual look either, because he can pull off hipster glasses and a cap, and then switch to an all-denim look the next day. The best part is that David evolved from that boyish surfer look to the mature elegance he has now.

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