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12 Most Lucrative Celebrity Endorsement Deals

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They may live incredibly glamorous lives, but let’s face it, celebs are humans, too! Just like you and me, they need to work hard to make a buck. Sometimes, however, they’re offered a deal they simply can’t resist. Let’s see which celebrities inked some of the most lucrative endorsement deals ever.

1. David Beckham and H&M


Throughout his successful 21-year career, Becks reached unmatched levels of fame and fortune. However, although Posh Spice’s hubby put a bow on his remarkable career as a soccer player back in 2013, he’s still a huge moneymaker with endorsement deals from such companies as Emporio Armani, Adiddas, Gilette, and Pepsi.

According to Forbes, the British icon clocks in at the top of the highest paid athletes lists with a staggering $75 million, even though he isn’t actually an active athlete. Now, for a guy who is a retired, this is quite impressive.

Surely, being no stranger to lucrative endorsement deals, David Beckham knows how to fill all that spare time. Teaming up with H&M, he developed this fashion thing. For a not-so-modest fee, Becks is not only showing off his gorgeous physique in boxers, but is also giving useful pieces of advice on modern man must-haves. Would you mind being branded like Beckham?

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