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12 Most Obnoxious Athletes on the Planet

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They are famous and they make tons of money so that gives them the right to act however they want. Right? Usually if an athlete is really good at what he or she does we can forgive them some mistakes. But these 12 athletes are so annoying that they almost make us cringe every time we see them on TV.

1. Metta World Peace


Back in the days when his name was Ron Artest, this basketball player couldn’t stay away from trouble. He would provoke his opponents, get drunk during halftime or just walk into practice wearing only a bathrobe. If that’s not obnoxious, we don’t know what is. Artest was suspended more than once – first he broke a TV camera, and then he wanted some time off because he was tired from promoting an R&B album on which he had one song. Seriously?

But wait, there’s so much more. In 2004, while playing for the Indiana Pacers, Artest was in the center of one of the worst on-court incidents in basketball history. After a foul on a Pistons’ player, Artest was hit with a Coke cup by a Pistons’ fan. He then walked over there and attacked a random fan which caused an even bigger brawl between Pistons’ fans and Pacers’ players. Suffice it to say, he was suspended until the end of the season, which meant he missed 86 games.

He was also arrested for domestic violence. And then, he decided to change his name into Metta World Peace. The name couldn’t suit him any less!

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