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15 Most Ridiculous Ways Famous Millionaires Spend Their Money

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What would you do if you became a millionaire?

You’d probably want to buy a nice house, a car, provide security for your family and, why not, occasionally treat yourself with something a bit luxurious. Well, these filthy rich people had some pretty outrageous ideas when it came to spending their money and they took splurging to the next level!


1. An ATM

So this may not be as luxurious as some other items on our list, but it definitely is one of the most ridiculous ones. DeShawn Stevenson is an NBA star that can afford whatever he wants, so he decided to install an ATM – in his kitchen!

In 2012, Stevenson tweeted out a photo of him standing in the kitchen, and the ATM was behind him. Apparently, he paid $3,500 for it and he mainly did it because he likes to do unusual stuff.

Sometimes, finding the nearest ATM really can be pain in the neck, so Stevenson took care of it. When asked about who uses the ATM the most, he said it would be his rich friends when they gather at his home before going out. Stevenson is one practical celebrity, with crazy ideas.

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