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8 of Our Favorite Hollywood Bad Boys

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There is something about bad boys that girls find absolutely irresistible. If we combine good looks with a cocky attitude, we get a perfect Hollywood hunk we can’t get enough of.

So whether they are bad in real life or just bad guys on the big screen, these 8 hotties always melt our hearts!

1. Colin Farrell

Colin is a bad boy both on and off screen. From his early days he was known for his wild partying habits which included all sorts of drugs, tons of alcohol and a different girl every night.


Even before he became famous he had been causing trouble. He was once caught shoplifting and was expelled from his boarding school for punching a supervisor. And we all know that he didn’t change once he got famous. It was nothing unusual to see Farrell talking to the press with a cigarette in his hand and cursing like it’s no big deal. He was such a rebel that he even appeared drunk at red-carpet events.

During the filming of his movie Alexander, Angelina Jolie asked to be transferred to another hotel just to be away from the problematic actor. These days, however, Farrell seems to be a changed man. Even though he is just as bad in his newest role in the widely popular TV show True Detective, Colin says he wants to lose his bad boy reputation. He says that he hasn’t had a girlfriend in four years and that he devotes all his free time to his sons.

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