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A New App Removes Everything Kardashian from Your Online Search!

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It seems somebody out there really does not want to see or hear anything about the Kardashians.

That someone is KardBlock creator James Shamsi. KardBlock is an app designed to remove any sign of the Kardashians on your searches, newsfeed, sidebar ads—everywhere. In an interview with TheDailyBeast.com, Shamsi, the 21 year old app creator behind KardBlock says that the main reason why he created the app is so that important political and global issues can take the forefront where they’re supposed to be.

Still in its Beta form, the app has already attracted over 20,000 interested users. The completed version of this app aims to transform all Kardashian related links to ones that have a more charitable nature. Or ones with causes that are worth rallying behind. James Shamsi’s vision is definitely NOT limited to Kardashian blocking though. In the interview with TheDailyBeast he talked about the end game of the project,

“But our ultimate goal is even bigger than just that. We are looking to disrupt the entire digital advertising space. We want to replace all advertising with donation links and important news widgets.”


As if he read our minds, the creator of KardBlock adds that the app may also have customization features that will allow you to block all Beiber-related news.

More than all of that, Shamsi actually wants to use his app to provide consumers with a way to “turn-off” annoying advertisements—the annoying advertisements that are basically the life-blood of the internet economy and replace them with important news widgets and donation links. Yet, Shamsi doesn’t intend to make money out of the app, insisting that, while they have opened a donations page for KardBlock, the app will remain free.

Even fans have to admit that the reality TV show that catapulted the Kardashian family to world-wide fame can indeed be hollow sometimes but we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. The Kardashians themselves have championed many a cause and brought quite a number of issues to light. Most recently, the sisters raised awareness on the centuries old issue of Armenian genocide, while Olympian Bruce Jenner, the Kardashian’s stepfather, opened up a public conversation about transsexual and transgender issues. Say what you will about the Kardashians but whether we like it or not, they have definitely made a mark in today’s digital age.

What do you think? Would you use the app to block the Kardashians or let Kim K. continue breaking the internet?