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Amanda Seyfried: It’s High Time It’s Legalized

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The beautiful actress and an ultimate good girl surprised us recently with a statement about marijuana.

She thinks that the current law on using cannabis doesn’t make sense, and that it should be legalized.

These days, you can watch the actress in Ted 2, the sequel to the movie about a talking teddy bear. Well, he’s doing a little more than just talking – this particular bear also enjoys smoking weed. Considering the nature of this hilarious comedy Amanda stars in, she found it appropriate to speak out on the issue.

Marijuana is a wonderful thing,” Amanda said. She believes that as long as it’s used responsibly, it’s not harmful and it should be legalized.


What particularly gets on her nerves is the fact that so many deaths are caused by alcohol poisoning, yet, alcohol is perfectly legal. Whereas marijuana is still a taboo topic, not to mention that it is legally forbidden. In fact, a recent study confirmed Seyfried’s opinion and found that alcohol is 114 times deadlier than cannabis.

Some may (and did) jump right to conclusions and shame Amanda for such a statement calling her “another pothead”.

This would be a wrong conclusion, since Amanda says she, herself, doesn’t use cannabis because it would be a very bad idea considering her anxiety issue. She just disapproves of the irrational law and stigma surrounding the drug.

The star wrapped it up by commenting on the movie: “They could have put a bong in every scene as far as I’m concerned.

Ted 2 was hit by critics stating that its desperate offensiveness could never pass as humor.

Nonetheless, Ted 2 grabbed $33 million in the first week of its release.