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Charlotte McKinney and the Tinniest Bikini Top Ever!

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Summer just got a little bit hotter, don’t you think?

Charlotte McKinney was spotted in Malibu on Sunday when she reminded us why we lusted for her like crazy after her Carl’s Jr.’s All Natural Burger commercial, which went viral after the Super Bowl.


She strutted around in shallow water, playfully adjusting what might be the tinniest bikini top ever! 

Even though she earns her living as a model and knows how to present her assets, the ‘curvier bombshell with big boobs’(as she describes herself) insists that there’s more to her than what meets the eye.

I want to show America there’s more to me than just boobs,” said McKinney during her spell at Dancing with the Stars.

However, it seems that America isn’t that much interested to get to know her as a person, as her cleavage is what gets all the attention.

She is often compared to another lovely and beautiful model, Kate Upton, but Charlotte insists there are no similarities between them.

I am totally over it”, said Charlotte during an interview for Page Six in May. “I believe we are totally different people and we have completely different career paths.”