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Chris Brown Inked a Huge Tattoo on the Back of His Head

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And you thought that Chris Brown (26) is running out of space for new tattoos. Well, this time he picked a truly prime location for his newest ink acquisition – the back of his head.

Looks like even Breezy himself wasn’t sure about his decision, as he posted a picture of himself with the new tattoo, only to delete it shortly after.

On Tuesday morning, photos of the 26-year-old singer with the new head tattoo began surfacing, revealing that Chris has shaved the back of his head to make room for what looks like a tattoo replica of the famous Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek statue, sculpted by the artist Alexandros of Antioch around 100 BC.


Even though his face is covered in the first photo, Breezy posted another one that confirms his identity. We know that Chris Brown loves trying out new looks, but with his latest head tattoo he is taking things to the next level, where he’s in the company of Jamie Foxx and Mike Tyson.

Venus de Milo is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, but everyone is wondering why her?

Breezy has plenty of ladies in his life, and this might be an attempt to show one of them just how much he adores her – remember, Rihanna does love getting inked!

Then again, Chris is covered in tattoos already, so this just might be another one among many, without any special meaning to it.

According to an Instagram photo posted by King Rico, Brown is so accustomed to getting inked, that we was actually working on a new song while having the tattoo done on one of the most painful spots for getting ink.

The tattoo artist captioned the photo with:

It was a pleasure to tatt the new King of Pop and watch him put together another record in front of my eyes… dude is a genius. Blessed and thankful.”