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Demi Lovato Talks Openly About Her Abusive Father

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Two years after her father had passed away from cancer, Demi Lovato is opening up and boldly revealing how was it like growing up with a mentally ill and abusive father.

The singer herself has battled bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, and had her fair share of drug problems. “I was initially very conflicted when my father died as he was abusive,” says the 23-year old singer.

She admits that her relationship with her father, Patrick Lovato, wasn’t always good, however she did write a song about him on her new album Confident – the song is appropriately titled Father.

He was mean, but he wanted to be a good man. He wanted to have his family, but even when my mom married my stepdad he was happy because he knew somebody was doing the job he wasn’t capable of doing. He knew he wasn’t capable of raising a family and it was ‘cause of his mental illness,” said the singer in an emotional interview for her new album Confident.


It was really saddening to know that it wasn’t completely his fault, so I wanted to process it, and I did by writing a song about it.

The ballad is very emotional and powerful with Demi singing:

Father I’m gonna say thank you/ even if I don’t understand…You did your best or did you?/ Sometimes I think I hate you/I’m sorry, dad, for feelin’ this./I know you were a troubled man.”

A year after her father’s death, Demi dedicated several tweets to him.

In one of those tweets she wrote: “My dad suffered from a devastating mental illness, so at least I’m at peace knowing he’s suffering no more.

After her father’s death, Demi founded the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program in his honor which aids individuals who are struggling with mental illnesses or addiction issues.

Demi was also always open about her own mental and addiction issues, and after seeking help she was able to come out of it more confident than ever. That’s why her new album is named Confident.