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Donald Trump’s Craziest Interviews

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As the run for Office heats up, debates and interviews with the candidates are abundant in the media. Currently leading in the popularity race is Donald Trump, who at every turn displays how unfamiliar he is with America’s basic legislation and human rights. His interviews are a testament to that, supporting the much-feared theory that Donald Trump is nothing more than a clueless billionaire running for president, and worst of all – he’s winning.

All of the following statements can be described in three words: UNINFORMED, UNPREPARED and UNINTERESTED.

We have to start by building a great, big, beautiful, powerful wall. 

“I’ll get a lot of Hollywood support. I think Hollywood really loves my stance on illegal immigration.”

In one of his incredulous interviews for Fox News, Trump discussed his plans on giving America “back to the Americans”. His crazy (but according to Bill O’Reilly, very appealing and plausible) idea is to build a concrete wall on the border with Mexico and make the government of Mexico pay for it, in order to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. The next step would be to deport all Mexicans back to their home country. Even those who had acquired citizenship in the meantime.

After that statement, many successful companies cut ties with Donald Trump on the basis of racism. When confronted by a CEO saying that workers will be protesting, his only reply was: “So what? So you have an hour of pickets, and then they’re going to go and have lunch and everyone’s going to be happy.”

So much for listening to the voice of people.

We’re becoming a third world country. 

This comment left us in disbelief, but it was actually said on TV, in an interview with Sean Hannity. Donald Trump revealed that America is turning into a third world country and backed this claim with some very uneducated arguments: “Our country is in unbelievably bad shape. Economically, trade-wise, militarily — our nuclear weapons, they don’t even know if they work. […] What we’re doing, we’re becoming like a third world country.”


According to Trump, the only way to save America is to stomp out ISIS and take their funding: “I say keep the oil, because somebody else will take it. […] Everybody’s taking it but us.” In another interview he added that America’s interest in Saudi Arabia is that “we need the oil, but now we don’t need the oil so much.”

I will know more about it when it’s appropriate.

A shocking phone interview with Hugh Hewitt revealed how little Donald Trump knows about foreign policy. The radio show is based on asking “gotcha questions” which, in a way, observe how prepared the candidates are to run for office. And Trump failed terribly. When asked how familiar he is with the current terrorist group leaders, he pretended to know about them, but then admitted he had no idea who they were, and furthermore – it did not matter to him: “You’re asking me names, I think it’s somewhat ridiculous. By the way, the names you just mentioned, they probably won’t even be there in six months or a year.”

The names were those of current leaders of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

“So, the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas does not matter to you yet, but it will?” Hewitt asked, to which Trump answered: “It will, when it’s appropriate,” stating he will learn about this only after he becomes president.

And this is just one in a string of vague, implausible promises Trump has made, along with: “I will be so good with the military, your head will spin.” It seems Trump’s only concerns are immigration, military, money, and his annoyance with the success of China and Russia, on top of accusing them of all kinds of crimes: “Hacking is a big problem. China and/or Russia, or both and probably other countries are hacking 30 million people.”

I cherish women

“I would look at the good aspects of [Planned Parenthood], and I would also look, because I’m sure they do some things properly and good and that are good for women, and I would look at that, and I would look at other aspects also. But we have to take care of women.”

These are the words that are supposed to make American women safe.

Being pro-life, this Republican is willing to defund Planned Parenthood, based only on hearsay and the opinions of his friends in the medical field, and not on his own research. Furthermore, his only explanation behind such statements is: “I adore women. In a positive sense. I cherish women. Women are very important to me.”

Even more evident is Trump’s constant clamoring about his own popularity. In the true manner of a reality-show host, publicity is something he cherishes greatly. He is appealing to and winning the votes of a demographic that grew up with an isolationist mindset, who are looking only at their own benefit with explicit, harmful nationalism. A leader needs more than showmanship, and public figures like him are what prevent America from progressing and being a country of equality and opportunity.