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How Are They Still Alive? 10 Shockingly Thin Celebrities

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We know that Hollywood can be cruel and beauty standards for women are insane but some celebrities have really gone overboard with weight loss. Their motto is obviously “the thinner, the better”but these 10 ladies have taken it way past the point of being beautiful and they just look unhealthy.

Kate Moss

This supermodel has always starved herself like it’s her job – mostly because it is her job. Unfortunately, weight standards for models are crazy high and many models have caved under the pressure and drove themselves sick. Kate Moss is one of these models, but her job isn’t the only reason she has always been skinny. She was known for her drug problems, which definitely contributed to her looking like this.

Keira Knightley

We are used to seeing Keira on red carpets looking dangerously skinny, and she is indeed one of the skinniest actresses out there. Even though she always looks adorable, we are a bit scared for her health. Her skin-and-bones look is getting a bit old, and she should seriously gain a few pounds. However, she has always denied having an eating disorder, claiming instead that she is just naturally thin.

Nicole Richie

Nicole hasn’t always been this thin. We first watched her with (equally skinny) Paris Hilton in The Simple Life but her own life took a downward spiral when she started abusing drugs and getting into trouble with the law. During that time she also lost a lot of weight, and she has been skinny ever since. Although she has cleaned up her act and became a fashion expert, she still looks scarily thin in her bikini.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie used to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and many still consider her beautiful, but the fact is that she looks much thinner and unhealthier in the recent years. The actress has been through a lot and she does have to take care of six children, so we kind of get it. But still, it pains us to see her beautiful face so bony and unnatural.

Victoria Beckham


Another star that never admitted to having an eating disorder when there’s obviously something very wrong with her. Posh Spice has always been a topic in the tabloids because of her weight. The 41-year-old fashion designer/soccer-player wife prides herself on having a 23-inch waist but in recent photos she just looks sick and gives a terrible example. Victoria should definitely rearrange her priorities and eat something.

Christina Ricci

Christina stole our hearts as quirky and creepy Wednesday in The Adams Family but growing up as a celebrity fell hard on the young actress. She couldn’t stand the pressure of Hollywood and she battled anorexia as a teenager. She managed to get out of it alive and has displayed many sexy looks over the years. However, these days, Christina seems to have relapsed and gone back to those days because she looks dangerously thin again.

Terri Hatcher

Once, she was so gorgeous that she was worthy of Superman himself. Then we watched her in one of her most popular roles, as Susan in Desperate Housewives and loved her. But Terri seems to be too big of a fan of working out, so much that she has gone a bit overboard. Her body is muscular, but she doesn’t have a pound of fat on her which makes it look quite scary.

Giuliana Rancic

The popular E! host has raised many eyebrows with her astonishingly skinny appearance. Her beauty was deteriorating before our eyes and it was even more shocking that she actually had cancer which made her look like that. But even after defeating the disease, Rancic continued losing pounds. She looks thinner than ever now, and it’s starting to worry her fans, although she claims that she’s perfectly healthy.

Tori Spelling

She is one of the biggest stars of the 90s with her legendary role of Donna in Beverly Hills 90210. Even though 20 years have passed since then, Tori still looks gorgeous. Or she would be if she weren’t alarmingly skinny. We understand that she has had four children, but her attempts at losing that baby weight took her overboard and now she is so thin, she just looks saggy.

The Olsen twins

These two come in one package because we have feared for their health for years on end. The days when they were adorable little girls are far behind them and since they had to go through Hollywood temptations from such early age, it’s no wonder they have gone astray. Rumors of them having drug problems and eating disorders are still going around and it’s easy to see why – they still look terribly skinny.