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Ice T and Coco Expecting Their First Child

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We believe congratulations are in order. After 14 years of marriage, rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco are expecting their first child together.

They announced the exciting news on their new talk show which premiered on August 3.

Not only did they share this with the audience, they also revealed the sex of the baby and the name! It’s going to be a little girl called Chanel. How adorable! And the baby is coming pretty soon, since Coco is already 5 months pregnant, but with her fabulous figure we couldn’t even tell she was that far along.

Ice-T is 57, and he already has two children as well as a grown-up 20-year-old grandson. But this will be his first child with his current wife Coco. Coco, on the other hand, doesn’t have any kids yet, so she is super-excited. More so because she was told by the doctors that it wouldn’t be safe for her to carry a baby considering her high blood pressure. When Coco heard this, she was determined to get her health in order so she could conceive after all. And she did it. She got healthier and now she managed to get pregnant. Ice-T wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea of having a baby at first, but he warmed up to it and now he’s just as happy as his wife.


The couple obviously has everything going for them.

They have a new TV show starting and now they have a baby on the way. And even though she is 36, the voluptuous blonde Coco is apparently getting even hotter now that she’s pregnant. She has recently revealed that she’s lost 10lbs since she got pregnant. And how, you may ask? She has stopped drinking alcohol and she jokingly advises every woman who wants to lose weight to get pregnant.

But her body is the only thing that will be changing because of this baby.

She said that being sexy is her trademark and she is not willing to give that up just because she is becoming a mom. She has already managed to stay a sexy wife and she intends to be a sexy mom.

One of the reasons why they kept it a secret for so long is because they hate hearing people’s advice on having a baby. Everybody is telling them what to do and how to behave and they are sick of it. They want to figure it out on their own and they are convinced they will be good parents.

Well, we wish them best of luck and we can’t wait to meet little baby Chanel.