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If Lamar Ever Does Drugs Again, Khloe Is Gone for Good! 

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Two weeks ago, we were all at the edge of our seats waiting to see how the Lamar Odom drama would unravel. The famous basketball player was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada drugged out of his senses and he spent a week in critical condition fighting for his life. Luckily, the whole story didn’t end up in a tragedy because Odom got one more shot at life.

During the whole time Lamar was in a coma, the Kardashian family led by his estranged wife Khloe flew out to be by his bedside.

Khloe was there the whole time, urging the world to pray with her for Odom to wake up. As soon as he was awake, the two called off their divorce and decided to give their marriage another try.

But Khloe is anything if not cautious. She has given Lamar an ultimatum – if he ever touches drugs again, she will be gone; and this time for good.


She will reinitiate the divorce papers if she even suspects he has returned to his old ways. Khloe has suffered enough with Lamar and his drug problems, as this is not his first time getting into trouble because of his addiction. And even though she still loves him, she won’t be naive and stand by while he breaks her heart again and puts his life at risk.

Apparently, Odom has taken his wife’s ultimatum very seriously and he swore off drugs forever. Not only is his love for Khloe too strong, but he is also very aware that he probably won’t get a third chance at life.

Everything said, the couple will try to work on their marriage and get back to normal but it will be a long road.

Sources say that Khloe will need a lot of time to start trusting Lamar again and he will have to continue proving himself to her for even a chance at a relationship that they once had. Khloe also knows that she is the only one who can take care of Lamar right now and help him get back on his feet, especially since his medical bills are going to be through the roof and he won’t be able to pay for them alone.

We’re hoping that Lamar won’t risk his life or his marriage again, because Khloe sure doesn’t seem like she’s joking about her decision.