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Madonna’s Lavish 57th Birthday Bash

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Sunday, August 16, 2015 – Madonna threw an amazing Gipsy-themed birthday bash at her property in the Hamptons.

The Queen of Pop turned 57th even though you would never guess so by the way she looks. She wore a black see through gown and a floral headdress, and as always, you wouldn’t give her a day over 30.

One of the best performers ever made her grand appearance in a vintage wagon filled with young hunks. They were all wearing Gipsy attire and the party was overall gipsy-themed. Sources claim that Madonna was escorted by two handsome identical twins, Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio, who will be performing beside her as dancers during her upcoming Rebel Heart tour.

The centerpiece was a cabaret-style bar featuring a massive letter M in lights.

We can surely say that Madonna threw a birthday party in her typical flamboyant fashion. There was a flamenco show and everything was decorated with bales of hay, and as sources claim:


The guests sat on the bales of hay and later they all stood on them to dance. The party was still going strong as the sun was rising on Monday morning.”

The neighbors were, well, not so enthusiastic to say the least.

An insider said that Madonna’s Hamptons neighbors called the police, angered with the noise. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene at around 2.30am due to a complaint. However, it seems that the partygoers knew the local police was coming so they turned down the volume before the police had arrived. As soon as the officers left, the music was back on and the party could continue until the morning sun rises.

Guests included Kelly Ripa, Andy Cohen, Naomi Watts and designer Jeremy Scott, among others. They all came dressed in Gipsy costumes and enjoyed the flamenco show.

Madonna’s four children were all there – Rocco (15), Lourdes (18), Mercy (10) and David (9) – they gave her a French bulldog puppy called Gypsy Rosa Lee for her birthday.