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Mickey Rourke Owes His Life to His Beloved Dog

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We often hear stories about dogs saving their human companions from disasters such as fires, but some stories stay unspoken – like the ones where dogs save their owners from themselves.

Hollywood tough guy with a soft side for pooches, Mickey Rourke (63), recently recalled the time when he hit rock bottom and just how the love of his pet Chihuahua was important to him in those dark time.

Reminiscing about the time when he seriously thought about taking his own life he said: “I was going through a really tough time. I was hurting myself and I was sitting in the closet one day and I couldn’t take it anymore so I picked up a gun.”

The former professional boxer became visibly emotional, but continued, “I was deciding what part of my head to put it on, when my dog, Beau Jack…he [cried] and I looked at him and he looked up at me like this and… he said [with his eyes], ‘Who’s going to look after me?’


This was the wakeup call Mickey needed, and it made him put the gun down. His friendship with Beau Jack saved his life!

Sadly, Beau Jack passed away in 2002, but this friendship made Rourke adopt more dogs from the pound. And he has not been shy about the love and appreciation he feels for his pet dogs: “I usually get along much better with dogs than I do with people.”

Rourke showed his gratitude even years later, in 2009, when he was accepting his Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his part in The Wrestler:

I would like to thank all my dogs, the ones that are here and the ones who aren’t here anymore, because sometimes when a man is lonely, all he’s got is his dog.”

Recently, the 63-year old spoke at the LA screening of Eating Happiness, a call-to-action documentary movie focused on the brutal world of human dog meat consumption.