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Obama’s Half Brother Sells a 20-Year Old Letter Penned by the President

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Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama, the POTUS’ paternal half-brother has sold a handwritten letter the President sent him two decades ago. Sold along with the letter is an original manuscript of Barack Obama’s book Dreams from My Father.

This is not the first correspondence from President Obama that Abongo Obama has sold.

The letter, dated 23th July 1995 is the third letter Obama’s brother has sold to collectors but this particular letter seems to be the most revealing of the President’s relationship with his family and his political ambitions. The two letters that have been sold earlier were rumored to have fetched at least $15,000 each.

The letter starts with a warm greeting, giving you the impression that the letter was written more to ask about his brother than to talk about himself.

In the letter he asks about Roy’s wife and his business ventures and even a vehicle he brought over from the UK. Barack asks about Roy’s mother and the rest of their family. It is quite a touching letter, something you would expect to receive from a close sibling. Apparently, the letter was written in response to a postcard Roy sent to his brother.


The rest of the letter is comprised of updates about a burgeoning political career, Barack’s ailing mother and his wife Michelle. Most interesting about this letter is the fact that it revealed the early stages of President Obama’s political ambitions. 

“As you can see, the book is finished and in the bookstores, so I’ve been going to various bookstores to talk about it. In addition, some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province, not the national United States Congress in D.C.) I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some of the serious issues blacks face here.”

He confides in his brother that he is not looking forward much to the meetings and campaigning, and continues on to talk about Michelle and his mother who passed away 5 months after the letter was written in November, 1995.

Michelle is fine, also busy with her work. My mum’s health has stabilized for now, but she is by no means cured and continues to undergo extensive treatment.

The President ends the letter with warm regards to his family in Kenya.

As can be deduced from the letter, it seems that the Obama brothers have maintained a good relationship despite growing up apart and in different countries. In 2013, Roy told the Mail that he visits the President in the White House once a year.

In the recent months however, the relationship seems to have turned sour with Roy Obama stating that the President has “not been an honest man… in who he is and what he says and how he treats people”.

What do you guys think about Obama’s brother selling all those personal letters? Do you think the sale of the letters might have been the reason why the brothers are no longer in such good terms?