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Pawn Stars Regular in Prison for Domestic Violence

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According to TMZ, the toy expert who regularly appears on Pawn Stars, Johnny Jimenez Jr., was arrested in October in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you didn’t know, Johnny is often called by the guys at Rick Harrison’s Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to analyze the authenticity of various toys.


He is facing serious allegations after being charged with domestic violence. He allegedly threw his girlfriend to the ground. The Las Vegas police department was immediately called to a Vegas restaurant where it all took place. Law enforcement officers arrived around 4 AM, but Jimenez already left the scene, while his girlfriend wasn’t willing to cooperate and she looked “extremely intoxicated”.

Even though Johnny’s girlfriend didn’t want to talk to the cops, surveillance camera footage is evidence enough to press charges, as the moment when Johnny pulls his girlfriend to the ground was caught on camera.

But every story has two sides.

TMZ reports that camera footage shows how Jimenez pulled on his girlfriend’s purse strap, which made her fell to the ground. Allegedly she was unresponsive for several minutes. This backs up the story that the girl was “extremely intoxicated”, and Johnny told TMZ that he was just trying to help her sober up. He tried to get her back inside, pulled her purse strap, not even thinking that in her state that would be enough to bring her to the ground.

He states he never meant to knock her out, and that the video clearly shows he was just trying to help her. Johnny Jimenez Jr. is certain that the charges will be dropped.