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Selena Gomez: I’ve Questioned My Sexuality!

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Last year, the rumors were pouring in when photos of Selena Gomez (23) sharing a bath with Cara Delevingne (23) surfaced, but it seems the speculations didn’t bother young Selena at all, in fact she loved it!

Selena gave an interview to PrideSorce in which she addressed rumors about the photos with Cara, her sexuality, and her relationship with the LGBT community. Even though she denied rumors of her and Delevingne being anything more than friends, SelGo was open about sharing her feelings for the attractive model:

Honestly, she is incredible and very open and she just makes me open as well. She is so fun and she is just extremely adventurous, and from time to time I just want that in my life.”


The rumors didn’t faze her out, moreover she “loved it”.

To be honest, I loved it and I didn’t mind it at all,” and she continues “especially ‘cause they weren’t talking about other people in my life for once, which was kinda great.


But then the million dollar question ensued – has she ever questioned her sexuality?! Here’s what she said:

Well, I think everybody does, no matter who they are… I do, of course. I think it is healthy to gain perspective on who you really are deep down, question and challenge yourself; it is important to do that at one point in your life.”

SelGo continued to reveal that she would pick Suki Waterhouse to be her on-screen partner in a lesbian scene!

The Good for You singer doesn’t think she has ever dated a gay guy, but she did talk about her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas who has a massive impact on the LGBT community.

Just to remind you, Nick Jonas stepped out of his comfort zone playing a gay character in the TV series Kingdom, with even a sex scene in his portfolio, and now Jonas is supporting the LGBT community with his second homosexual character on TV in the hit TV series Scream Queens.

Here’s what Selena had to say about the singer/actor:

He is just amazing, and I think it’s incredible… I’ve known him for years, we were actually young teenagers when we met, so I knew him at a different stage in his life. Now, to see him have this amazing perspective on life is incredible.”

And so are you Selena!