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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Working Together on a New Song

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Ever since America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift and superstar DJ Calvin Harris started dating four months ago, they have become everybody’s favorite celebrity couple. We can’t help it, they are so adorable together. And Calvin himself said they are “insanely happy“.

So how cool is it that the couple is planning a collaboration!

Let’s not forget how successful these two are on their own – they are both making millions off their music and every song they make is a smashing hit. Who can blame us for getting excited at the very thought of them making a song together? Chances are it will be pretty awesome.

Taylor and Calvin have been talking about collaborating ever since they started dating and now they’ve finally hit the studio. They’ve had a few sessions together with the help of producer Detail, who has worked with another power couple in music – Jay Z and Beyonce. It might be a few months until we actually hear the song, because Taylor is very busy with her 1989 tour. But rumor has it, it’s going to be at the American Music Awards later this year. We can’t wait.


Even though TayTay and Calvin are very much different when it comes to music, they are undeniably musical geniuses and great at their jobs.

So we believe they will adjust to one another just fine and make something amazing. It also helps that they are so in sync in their private lives so their professional collaboration is bound to be a success as well.

Interestingly, Taylor is not the first girlfriend Calvin has collaborated with.

He worked with his ex, Rita Ora, on her song I Will Never Let You Go. That relationship didn’t work out so well, so we’re hoping this collaboration doesn’t mess something up with Caylor. Considering how great they look together, we doubt it.

And what is the couple doing these days besides working together?

Strolling at the beach looking more in love than ever. Allegedly, they have started saying “I love you” to each other but they still think it’s early to move in together. They don’t want to “jinx” their happiness by making any rash decisions.

And we totally support them. They should do everything at their own pace.