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The 12 Smartest Celebrities in the World

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Not all celebrities are smart. Some of them are famous only for their looks or the scandals they cause. Some are good singers, but not really bright when it comes to conversation and achieving life goals other than being successful at their job. On the other hand, some celebrities are really intelligent and know how to apply that gift in real life.

Having in mind their university credentials, MENSA memberships, information about them being valedictorians, and Ivy Leaguers, etc, we have made a list of 12 celebrities considered the smartest in their profession in the entire world. Some of them have been Harvard students (like Matt Damon) before they decided to focus on their acting career. Some are really successful businessmen besides their career that made them famous. You may be surprised how amazing these people are. Not to keep you in suspense, read on to find out who are the smartest celebs.


1. Ashton Kutcher

You probably don’t have an especially high opinion of Ashton Kutcher, and that is probably because he usually plays those kinds of characters that are, let’s say – not too bright. But the reality is that he wanted to become an engineer and he was supposed to get scholarships for MIT and Purdue as well. Unfortunately, his problematic behavior stood in his way, as he broke into his high school thinking it would be a funny and harmless prank, but it cost him his dreams. He went to University of Iowa instead, but it didn’t feel right and he dropped out to become a male model when he was 19. He is now a successful actor, but also spends time smart investing in companies (Airbnb, Foursquare and Spotify) that are sure to bring him profit. This celebrity knows how to use his intelligence and divide among two separate industries – entertainment and serious investment business.

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