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The Sexy Single Moms of Hollywood

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These women seem to have it all – they are rich, successful and incredibly good-looking. And they manage to balance their career and still have time to raise their children alone! When it comes to the struggles of single moms, Hollywood is no exception.

We really admire these bold ladies for showing us that you don’t need a man in your life to be a great mom!


1. Halle Berry

The gorgeous Oscar-winning actress had her fair share of suffering in love. She didn’t really have a perfect love story, but out of her failed relationship with male model Gabriel Aubrey she got a perfect little daughter Nahla. The former couple tried to stay on good terms for their child, but it turned pretty sour when Berry found another man. There were even some physical threats and a messy custody battle over little Nahla.

Now, Halle is 48-years old but she is still a knock-out. And she adores spending time with her daughter. The two of them can usually be seen in public doing things non-celebrities would do. Recently they went on vacation to Nicaragua and Berry was amazed at how philanthropic her little Nahla is. She says she is incredibly proud of her.

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