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‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for Stalking

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Yikes! It seems that the super-popular TV series The Walking Dead has some really weird fans out there.

One fan has taken her obsession to a completely new level, and after being taken into custody and charged with stalking Daniel May and his wife, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Actor Daniel May had only a small role in the TV show’s third season back in 2013, but even that was reason enough for Kathryn Boykin (25) to stalk the hell out of him and his wife Rachel May.

It all started innocently enough, but the married couple became terrified when Boykin’s interest in Daniel’s work sky-rocketed as he was cast on The Walking Dead.

The funny (and awkward part) is that you probably don’t even remember the role Daniel played on the show. It’s alright, it was two years ago, no wonder you forgot.


Let us clear things up – he played the part of Allen from season 3 of the hit TV show. He was one of the guys in Tyreese’s group that Carl finds in the prison. Later on he turns out to be a traitor and ends up leaving the prison, only to work for the Governor and ultimately ends up dead.

Well, looks like his role impressed one fan that much that she had to stalk him every minute of his life.

Allegedly, Kathryn began harassing May and his wife, Rachel, by making numerous social media accounts. And her approach was very “interesting”. She posted things that looked like conspiracy theories, claiming that the Mays had planted cameras in her home and that they were poisoning her. Of course, at one point Daniel and Rachel had enough of it, and they filed for a restraining order.

But Kathryn didn’t take the restraining order seriously and it didn’t take her long to violate the order. She was seen in front of their theater holding a sign that read “Shut down Synchronicity.”

After Kathryn violated her restraining order, the Mays were able to take more serious legal action, and their stalker was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

At least now the Mays can live a normal life, knowing that the person who was making their life a misery is behind bars!