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Too Bootylicious for Morocco: J.Lo May Face Jail Time

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Her sexy curves were just too much for Morocco to handle!

J.Lo’s booty has gotten her fame and fortune, but it looks like it will bring her jail time as well. On May 29th, Jenny from the block performed at the Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco’s biggest music event, in her usual sexy outfit and bestowed the lucky crowd with her usual sexy moves.

Too sexy, if you ask the government and educational groups of this North African country.

Namely, although Lopes has performed in Morocco already, this time it was televised nationwide. This seems to be the biggest issue as educational groups were shocked that such “obscenities” were broadcasted live on television.


One educational group decided to file a lawsuit against J.Lo for, well, being J.Lo. They claim that her show “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect”.

I know it sounds funny and strange but this is an offense that could potentially be punished with 1 month to 2 years of jail time. – If I may add, rough law system.

To add fuel to fire, it escalated into a political scandal as the Moroccan Prime Minister (Abdelilah Benkirane) and the Minister of Communications (Mustapha Khalfi) have been on the line of fire.

The Prime Minister released a statement where he claimed that he was shocked by the “shameful dancing” and the “sexually aggressive nature” of her show, further stating that it was “completely inappropriate” and that the “sexually suggestive” live broadcast is in violation with the country’s audiovisual law. He demanded that legal actions must be taken against those responsible.

Someone will take the fall for this one, the only question is who: the festival’s organization, J.Lo and her beautiful booty that got her into trouble, or maybe the Minister of Communications, Mustapha Khalfi, from whom it has been demanded to resign his position.

Looks like J.Lo wasn’t kidding at the beginning of her hit song Booty when she says: “Prepare the audience for maximum impact.”

All we have to say is:

J.Lo you shook that booty so well that you’re being sued for it, but don’t be mad. Be the better man and turn the other cheek!