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Under 30 and Filthy Rich

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Every one of us would like to be a millionaire and that’s a fact. Well, take a look at how these 15 young celebrities got their hands on money and fame, and maybe you will get an idea you have been waiting for all your life to finally get rich and fulfill all your dreams. If not, you will certainly discover something new about some of your favorite celebrities.

  • Justin Bieber (age 21) – net worth $200 million USD

Canadian singer and pop sensation, Justin Bieber, could have had a very different career if Justin Timberlake had managed to beat Usher to sign the talented artist when he was just an ordinary YouTube author. After somewhat controversial beginnings, Justin had very quickly managed to become one of the most popular artists in recent years. He has an army of fans known as “Beliebers”, and is one of the most followed people in the world on social media. Justin was the first musician to have seven songs from his debut album to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Besides generating enormous amounts of money through music, Bieber has proven to be much smarter than the media present him to be. He invested millions in start-ups like Stamped and Spotify, and has also partnered up with numerous apparels, fragrance manufacturers and other brands, including Adidas. Knowing that Justin was proclaimed by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s most influential celebrities before he even turned 21, one can only imagine the potential heights of his future success.

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