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What Amber Rose Must Do to Win Wiz Khalifa Back

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The curvy American hip hop model and Wiz, one of the currently most popular rappers, are talking about getting back together.

They have been trying for some time now to raise their two year-old son together and work on being friends primarily. But, while most people like playing Scrabble or Pictionary, this former couple obviously likes playing mind games more.

When it comes to being a couple again, Amber told Mail Online that Wiz is the love of  her life and, for her, getting back together with him would be ideal. However, Wiz doesn’t think the same way. He claims that she is too unpredictable, as one moment she says she loves him and another – she is kissing another guy and letting him touch her all over her body, while wearing just a thong.

Wiz also has a huge problem with Amber talking trash about the Kardashians.

Mainly because Wiz is good friends with Kanye (who is also Amber’s ex), which means he is good friends with Kim Kardashian too, and it is not really a nice situation when Amber stops controlling her words and says whatever ugly thing comes to her mind, like:


“The only reason why these girls (referring to 17-year old Kylie) have careers is because their older sister had a little fun on tape. Let’s be realistic.”

So, Wiz Khalifa said that he might get back with Amber, but on the condition that she stops saying mean things about Kim and other members of the Kardashian family.

This sounds like a simple request if you don’t know Amber. But if you do, you will know how hard it is for her to keep her mouth shut when she feels like saying something.

Wiz wants Amber to change her behavior when they are alone, as well as when they are in public or with friends. He doesn’t just want her to stop being mean in front of others, but stop being that way altogether.

Will this be possible for Amber? – Well if she loves Wiz as much as she claims, she will at least try.

However, her love toward Wiz may be overstated, as she was seen with another rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, who is 6 years younger than her, supposedly to make him jealous.

Amber is not the kind of person who would just listen to what her man tells her to do and obey. She likes thinking with her own head and deciding on her own, and her decisions usually have to do with having fun.

So will these two get back together? It depends – will Amber stop being a hater for the sake of love? Will she start behaving a little more responsibly?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.