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10 Greatest Comedy Duos Ever

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What’s better than one incredibly funny actor? Two incredibly funny actors, of course!

Comedy duos have been part of TV for a long time, and there is something appealing about doubling the fun while watching two perfectly synchronized comedians in a friendly banter. Anything can happen when a comedy duo is well-coordinated – the humor is unexpected and raw, which makes the act brilliant.

Let’s take a look at some of the best comedy duos ever:

1. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby


When these two first met in 1932, they were supposed to work together on a show at the Capitol Theatre in New York. Bing Crosby, who you probably know for his famous song White Christmas, was already a star. Bob Hope was a comedian on the rise and he was the host of the event. They immediately hit it off, and the show was full of their brilliant jokes. However, they didn’t start collaborating until eight years later when they filmed their first movie together – Road to Singapore. 

Six Road to… movies ensued and they were a combination of comedy and music and most importantly, they abounded in improvised humor between the two talented actors. Hope and Crosby mocked many of the established Hollywood genres in their movies and they mocked each other. The two got along so well that they would often forget that other actors were also present in a scene.

However, an interesting thing is that the two were never friends in real life.

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