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10 Naturally Stunning Hollywood Celebs

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When we see celebrities, they usually have a ton of makeup on their faces which doesn’t really tell us much about their natural beauty. It’s easy to look good with so much makeup, but what we admire the most is the stars that are not afraid to walk out of their homes bare-faced. They are human, just like us, after all. And imperfections are completely normal. It’s the confidence that adds to the beauty the most and these 10 celebs have plenty of both qualities.


1. Adriana Lima

In Brazil, it’s quite normal to look like this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. But even so, Adriana Lima’s unique beauty stands out with her beautiful blue eyes, full lips and long brown hair. She is 34 and a mother of two, but she still rocks those runways in sexy lingerie and angel wings.

But when she’s not on duty, Lima is not shy to share a makeup-free selfie on Instagram and show the world that she’s equally beautiful au naturel as she is when we see her on the runway. Lima’s secret – she drinks at least one coconut water daily, for her skin’s natural glow. And her advice to other women is something her grandma told her: “If you’re comfortable in your own skin, you will feel beautiful—and look beautiful to others, too.”

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