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10 One-Hit Wonder Hollywood Stars

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We saw them in iconic roles and thought they would take Hollywood by storm. Only, it never happened and these roles remained the only highlights of their careers. Sure, they tried to revive their careers with some following roles, TV appearances but it was all in vain. These 10 stars will stay one-hit wonders but at least they have something to brag about to their friends.


1. Alicia Silverstone

There was a time, even though a very short one, when we thought this young actress would become the next hot thing and we would see a lot more from her. It lasted only a few months after her role in the hit teen comedy Clueless. The movie has since gained a cult status and is one of the most famous teen movies ever.

Alicia Silverstone scored the main role and probably thought she secured her position in Hollywood forever. But although the photos and gifs from the movie still go around the Internet, it has been 20 years since the movie was released and we haven’t seen Silverstone since. She is now 39 and dedicates her life to animal rights and environment preservation.

You probably wouldn’t know, but she has also had numerous other minor roles in movies and on TV but they passed unnoticed. She does get media attention for her insane parenting methods as she posted a video of feeding her baby pre-chewed food from her mouth.

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