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12 Most Shockingly Brutal (and Banned) Movies

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Those faint hearted should definitely skip these movies. They are so brutal and gruesome that they have been banned in some countries. But if you think you can handle them, feel free to watch. Just make sure you do it in the daylight, and read this article first so you know what you’re in for.

1. A Serbian Film


This movie is so violent and repulsive that it might actually make you vomit. Serbian director Srđan Spasojević obviously decided to shock the whole world by putting every gross detail he could think of.

The movie follows Miloš, a former porn actor who is trying to get out of the business and flee the country with his wife and daughter. But this is not such an easy task. In order to get out, Miloš needs to film one last movie – the sickest porn movie imaginable. We are just going to mention several horrid things that happen in the movie, such as sodomy, suicide, murder, necrophilia, and even child and baby rape.

We can’t imagine where the director got all these ideas but it’s frightening considering how immensely perverted this movie is. The end product was so violent that it couldn’t even be cut and censored, so some countries such as New Zealand, Spain, Norway and many other have banned it. The UK audience got to see it after extreme cuts.

If you haven’t seen it, we kindly suggest you skip it.

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