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12 Most Shockingly Brutal (and Banned) Movies

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2. Last Tango in Paris

When this movie was released in 1972, it raised quite a few eyebrows, to say the least. Due to perverted sex scenes, censors had a difficult job making the movie presentable for the audience.


But this movie is far from cheap and sleazy. The main characters, played by Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider, get involved in a steamy relationship just as his wife kills herself. The controversy came from the very explicit and sometimes violent scenes of the sexual nature of their relationship. It seemed like Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci used the opportunity to make a movie based on his own sexual fantasies.

The actors didn’t quite feel comfortable filming it, either. Brando and Schneider both stated they had felt a bit “raped” and “manipulated” by Bertolucci. However, Brando was still praised for his excellent performance.

This porn-like movie didn’t get the best reception when it came out and it was banned in many countries including South Korea, Italy and the UK. But the dust has pretty much settled since then and now it can be watched in most countries.

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