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12 Movies That Could Change Your Perspective on Life

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You know those movies that leave you pondering over the meaning of life after watching them? There are few such gems in cinematography, but when you stumble upon them they can leave an impression that stays with you for days and these movies usually make you take a long hard look at yourself and realize they have changed you and the way you look at the world forever.


1. Seconds (1966)

It’s human nature to be afraid of getting older and dying. But what happens if we live half of our lives only to realize we have been unhappy all along, waiting for something better that never came along?

This is the story of one such person, Arthur Hamilton, a middle-aged man who has spent his life pursuing his career but now that he has success he realizes that doesn’t bring him happiness. He doesn’t really love his wife anymore and he rarely sees his only daughter. A group of people named “The Company” offer him a seemingly ideal solution – he can get another life, another face, another youth, another identity. But, not everything is perfect as he realizes that he can’t change what’s inside.

This genius movie tackles some of the most intriguing questions bothering humankind – could we ever be anything else than what we have become? Is there a parallel universe in which we are better versions of ourselves?

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