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12 Worst Films in Movie History

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We watched them so you don’t have to. From the movies so bad you would think they’re actually brilliant, to those that are just plain stupid, cinematography has ventured into everything. And we mean everything, from sexy zombies to shark tornados. You could watch some of these “pieces of art“ yourself or you could trust us and stay away from them forever. These 12 movies are our personal picks for the worst of the worst.

1. Frankenstein Island (1981)


Frankenstein Island is the last movie directed by Jerry Warren, and although we may refer to it as his best movie, it is still pretty bad. After a hot-air balloon crash on an isolated island, a group of four people realize they have to face Sheila Frankenstein, a descendant of Frankenstein himself, who turns shipwrecked sailors into zombies. The zombies can walk in the sun, but they have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.

That is only the beginning, as the island is home to Sheila’s sick 200 year-old husband, and Amazon girls in bikinis who actually descend from aliens. But their biggest problem is yet to be revealed – Frankenstein is not actually dead, he is hiding in an underground cave waiting for a chance to escape. This movie is so bad that it’s good.

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