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12 Worst Films in Movie History

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2. The Room (2003)


The Room is by many critics considered the worst movie ever made. The plot is based on a love triangle between a successful banker Johnny, his fiancée Lisa and his best friend Mark. Even though at the beginning of the movie, their relationship seems idyllic, Lisa suddenly starts finding Johnny boring and she seduces Mark. But she doesn’t want to give up the financial stability either, so she stays with Johnny.

This would not be that bad if it weren’t for the many plot holes and inconsistencies. The movie also follows the lives of other characters, but these subplots are not related to the main plot and they remain unresolved. Although the film is characterized as a drama, movie director Tommy Wiseau later explained that the movie was actually intended as a black comedy. The movie does have a cult following and fans who appreciate its flaws and humor

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