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15 Greatest Movie Endings

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In the end, it all comes to this. Are we going to leave the theaters smiling and satisfied? Or maybe sad and confused? Movie endings have the power to make us rethink the whole movie and sometimes leave such an impression that stays with us for days. And then, there are those endings so good that they make us want to rewatch the whole thing right away.

Whether they perfectly summed up the whole movie or they were unexpected and left us with a million questions, these are the 15 greatest movie endings.


1. Some Like It Hot (1959)

This black and white comedy moved the limits with the themes of cross-dressing and homosexuality. It is considered as one of the best comedies ever and its legendary endign definitely contributes to that. As Sugar an Joe stay on the yacht happily in love, Jerry, still dressed as Daphne and Osgood, who has developed feelings for Daphne, leave on a boat.

As Osgood cheerfully makes plans for their wedding, Jerry tries to discourage him by giving him various excuses. First he says that he can’t wear Osgood’s mother’s wedding dress because they’re not “built the same way.” Then he says he’s a heavy smoker and that he’s not a natural blonde, but her suitor doesn’t mind. In the last attempt, Jerry says that he can’t have children but Osgood says they will adopt some. And finally, Jerry takes of his wig and admits he’s a man. In a hilarious reply, Osgood just says: “Well, nobody’s perfect!”

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