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20 Hottest Actresses Over 40

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They take care of their bodies by eating right, avoiding too much stress, exercising regularly and some even undergo cosmetic surgeries. As for their faces, many celebrities don’t think it would be right to ‘age gracefully’ so they fight this process by having plastic surgeries to remove wrinkles. But not all of them undergo cosmetic treatments. Of course, access to expensive cosmetics doesn’t hurt. The women you will read about in this article are like wine, they age well – even though over 40 these actresses are still smoking hot!


1. Monica Bellucci

Fifty one years old and still hot as hell, Monica Anna Maria Belluci is one of the most attractive actresses (ever). It is really hard to tell whether she was more beautiful when she was younger or if she looks more amazing now. When she was a university student, she had a modeling job which was only a means to paying her studies, but it quickly developed into something more.

As she became successful as a model, she made the transition to acting in 1990 when she played small parts on television, which led to her starring in the movie “Dracula” (based on Bram Stoker’s horror novel) in 1992. Now, more than two decades after the beginning of her acting career, she still has that je ne sais quoi, and still stuns everyone whenever she is seen in public, in a talk show or a movie. She is currently filming a James Bond movie called “Spectre”, which is to be released this year, and she will sure look amazing there as well.

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