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5 Most Extreme Celebrity Transformations for a Role

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What are the most important characteristics of top movie stars?

– Talent? Sure.

– Good looks and charm? Of course.

But what makes some actors really great is the level of their dedication to a role. They are prepared to do the research and get into the mind of a character, but they are also willing to go through extreme body transformations in order to create an amazing movie experience for the viewers.

Here are the most interesting examples of extreme celebrity transformations for a role:

1. Christian Bale 

Christian Bale is without a doubt the ultimate champion of extreme celebrity transformation for a role.

Bale managed to lose over 60 pounds for the impressive role of an anorexic and insomniac worker he played in The Machinist. On the last day of shooting, Christian started preparing for his star role in Batman Begins.

He had only six months to gain 100 pounds of mostly muscle and he was so weak that he had trouble doing a single push-up during the first days of the workout regime!

He started doing serious weight lifting in addition to martial arts training sessions and cardio. Many believed that the shooting would be postponed because of the small amount of time Bale had to become a true Batman, but the actor showed incredible determination and managed to complete the task. Batman Begins and the whole trilogy had amazing box-office success, mostly because of Christian’s amazing skills on screen.

But, that wasn’t the end of Bale’s transformations for roles in movies. In 2013 he had to gain another 45 pounds of mostly fat for his role in American Hustle, but he jokingly said that he found that experience much more difficult than the ones he had while losing and gaining weight for The Machinist and Batman Begins.

2.  Jake Gyllenhaal 

For some unclear reason, Jake was one of the most unappreciated Hollywood celebrities until recently. But, after he performed brilliantly in last year’s blockbuster movie Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal is finally beginning to receive the full credit he deserves.

Jake had to lose over 20 pounds to perfectly portray the role he was given. Shortly afterwards, he got the role of a champion boxer in the movie Southpaw. But, he was told he had to gain 30 pounds plus 15 pounds of pure muscle before the shooting started. Unlike rapper Eminem, who was first offered the role, Gyllenhaal was more than ready to put his body under extensive treatments in order to fulfill the expectations.


He was working out an astonishing six hours a day – three hours of weight lifting and cardio, followed by another three hours of boxing practice. The workout regime was so intense and Jake was so committed to it that it damaged his relationship with Alyssa Miller to the point of break up. Now, that’s dedication.

3. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson 

It is well known that this world famous rapper/actor/entrepreneur showed amazing power of will in order to get from being an ordinary drug dealer and criminal to being one of the richest celebrities around. And his appearance matches his new status – expensive suits which he is not afraid to take off in order to show us his big muscles.

That is why we were all surprised when 50 Cent posted a picture of himself looking super skinny, after losing over 50 pounds for a role in the All Things Fall Apart movie. Curtis later said he had managed to achieve that by undergoing a special liquid diet, in addition to a lot of cardio exercise.

The movie itself wasn’t so successful at the box office, but it will serve as an excellent showcase of Jackson’s acting abilities which will surely get him better roles in the future. In the meantime, 50 Cent is back making music and becoming richer than ever with the help of multiple business projects he’s involved in.

4. Charlize Theron 

The breathtaking Charlize really took us all by surprise when we saw her in the Monster movie back in 2003.

Theron looked quite unrecognizable after gaining 30 pounds for the role of a psychotic prostitute and serial killer. The beautiful actress was far from beautiful in this role, but she still showed amazing acting skills which brought her the Golden Globe for Best Actress. It was the best possible award for all the sacrifice and dedication it was required by Charlize to perfectly portray the character in the movie.

Amazingly, Theron somehow managed to lose all that extra weight until the movie premier! She looked perfect, just like she had looked before the shooting of the movie started. When asked about the whole experience of gaining and losing all those pounds, Charlize said it wasn’t so awful because she was able to enjoy herself for some time, eating mostly delicious doughnuts.

5. Chris Hemsworth 

Chris had been relatively unknown until he was cast for the role of Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. In order to get the role, which instantly made him one of the most wanted Hollywood actors, Hemsworth had to gain 20 pounds of pure muscle. 

He later stated that the workouts, which included various kinds of weight lifting, didn’t bother him that much because he was used to maintaining fit body condition. What really bothered Chris was that he had to eat a lot more than he wanted, all the time, which was “exhausting”.

But, it was all worth it for this Australian. His career skyrocketed since the first Thor movie, and the muscular looks he pretty much maintained after that role helped him win People magazine’s title of “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2014. We can’t wait to see how Hemsworth’s career will move forward in the upcoming years and to witness him getting even sexier for some future role, if that is even possible.