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5 Reality Stars Who Have Admitted to Faking it on Screen

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They’re called reality shows because everything you see is supposed to be true. Right? Wrong! Many reality stars have actually shamelessly admitted that their shows were fake in one way or another while some were made to do it in court. Here are 5 stars that are far less “real” than you would think.

1. Snooki

MTV producers definitely didn’t plan for Snooki to get pregnant before they started making her show Snooki and Jwoww. So when she announced their pregnancy, they were pretty shocked, to say the least. The show was supposed to be about two crazy party girls, and it wouldn’t really make any sense if one of them was pregnant. So the producers had a tough job of readjusting the script. Snooki wrote all of this in her book and she was quite pleased everything worked out in the end. But this obviously meant that there was some heavy script writing involved.

2. Vicki Gunvalson

The star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson didn’t really admit that her show was fake, but she didn’t have to. Instead, a text message she exchanged with her ex Brooks Ayers was enough to help us realize it was all staged. Remember that scene where Vicki was completely taken aback by the news of her daughter getting married in secret? Well, it turns out that she had actually known it all along. In the text she had sent to Brooks, she said that they were filming an episode of her daughter telling her about the marriage.


3. Joseline Hernandez

Not only did the star of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez, admit that her show was fake, she said that the portrayal of her was fake as well. And we have the reason to believe she wouldn’t lie, considering she was under oath. In her deposition, Joseline stated that the so called “reality” actually involves “a lot of acting.” Then she proceeded to explain that the real Joseline Hernandez is far from the character she portrays on her show, which gives a whole new perspective of reality shows.

4. Maddie Ziegler

The talented Maddie Ziegler you can know watch in Sia’s videos such as Chandelier and Elastic Heart, made her debut on the reality show Dance Moms. The title itself should say enough about who the focus was on during the show. So while the little girls tried to make it through dance shows and competitions, a group of moms was non-stop bickering backstage. That was actually what the show was about. But according to Maddie, the truth is – the fights were often staged. So whenever we saw them wanting to bite each other heads off, it was all just for the sake of the show.

5. Russell Jay

The name behind the most successful reality show ever Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Russell Jay, also had to admit to some wrongdoings under oath. Among those was the truth behind Kim Kardashian’s and Kris Humphries’s short-lived marriage. After watching their lavish wedding ceremony, it was a bit hard to swallow that these two lovebirds have had enough of each other after only 72 days. So when the time came for them to part, Kim had a lot of victim-playing to do. The producer of the show, Russell Jay, admitted to portraying Kris like a bad guy in the whole story. And that surprise proposal? All fake. Kim even insisted on reshooting the scene because she didn’t like her face in the first take.