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9 Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Stories

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Usually, the movie itself has the most interesting story to tell, but sometimes behind the scenes is where the really shocking stories unravel. Whether it’s a director who wants to shoot a scene for the thousandth time to get it “just right” or a mechanical malfunction that ends tragically, these behind-the-scenes stories will definitely change your opinion about certain movies.


1. The baby from Eraserhead

If you ever saw Eraserhead you know how creepy and disturbing this movie really is. It follows the life of an average Joe, Henry Spencer, who is having strange visions and fathering a very bizarre baby who doesn’t look human. The director, David Lynch, refused to share with the world how the effect of the strange looking baby was done.

However, there is a theory which has been somewhat confirmed by rumors from the set. Given the low budget of the movie and the fact that the baby looks truly alive and very much like an animal of some sort, rumor has it that it’s a preserved calf fetus. This isn’t so hard to believe if you know that Lynch asked a vet to give him a dead cat, only to cut it open and put it in a pit of tar, leave it there for a year and use it for a scene he would ultimately delete from the final cut. What’s normal is relative, but this truly is an idea of a madman.

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