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9 Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Stories

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2. Even Superman can’t stop the mafia

Ever watched the old Superman movies? If you have, you probably remember Non, the biggest and scariest looking member of the trio of Kryptonian super-villains.


Well, Non was played by an ex-boxer Jack O’Halloran, who was good friends with a couple of gentlemen from the mafia. Young Christopher Reeve was “talking more than he should” outside the movie studio, so O’Halloran had to deal with him. He grabbed Christopher by the neck, slammed him up against a wall and told him:

If I hear you saying my name outside this studio ever again without first saying Mister O’Halloran, I will rip off your head and urinate in your throat. If I ever hear you speaking about my family or anything from my past, you will not finish this movie alive.”

Mister O’Halloran explains that Richard Donner, the movie’s director, grabbed him from behind and just said “please not in the face, Jack, not in the face.”

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