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Best and Worst Bond Movies

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With the new James Bond movie – Spectre – crushing it at the box office, we decided to revisit everyone’s favorite secret agent and pick the best and worst movies of the franchise. Spectre is definitely going to be one of the most successful ones, but there are quite some gems in the 53 years of James Bond’s existence. These are our picks for the best and the worst.


3. From Russia with Love (1963)

After a major success of the first Bond movie Dr. No, the second one lets us see Sean Connery in the role of the 007 agent one more time. James Bond is sent to Turkey to help in the defection of a Soviet consulate Tatiana Romanova but he doesn’t know that SPECTRE is planning revenge for Bond killing their agent Dr. No. From Russia with Love has all the necessary features that make movie into a classic: the engaging plot, more compelling characters than in the first movie, including the Bond girl who is much more relevant for the storyline and legendary scenes such as the train ride through Europe, gypsy camp and exciting action sequences.

2. Goldfinger (1964)

This is where James Bond became what we know him as today – a true pop culture icon. The third move of the franchise was also one of the best ones and it introduced all those famous characteristics of Bond movies that we know and love. Sean Connery is in action once again as the dangerous secret agent and he is investigating gold smuggling by a gold dealer Auric Goldfinger. In this movie, some of the most important Bond traditions were born, such as the use of gadgets and technology, a pre-credits sequences unrelated to the plot and the inevitable “Shaken, not stirred” phrase. Goldfinger was a major success, regaining its budget after only two weeks, and even winning an Oscar.   

1. Casino Royale (2006)


Daniel Craig didn’t just play James Bond, he reinvented him. The whole franchise fell into a crisis – Pierce Brosnan had just retired and the fans had got tired of all the effects and gadgetry the movies had turned into. The franchise desperately needed a movie that would bring it back on track and bring back everything fans love about it. Both the director and the actors turned out to be a perfect choice. Not only did they save the franchise, they did it gloriously making the best James Bond movie ever. Casino Royale revisits the first novel about James Bond and tells the story of how he began his career and earned his license to kill. Dark storyline, lots of action and a tragic love story put Casino Royale right in the top of our list.


3. Octopussy (1983)

This is Roger Moore’s sixth James Bond movie for which he had to be persuaded to stay. It was like he knew that the movie was going to be one of the worst movies of the franchise. The plotline revolves around the already-seen Cold War issue where agent 007 has to investigate the story stolen jewels from the Soviet government, only to discover a much larger and serious scheme which endangers the whole Europe. However, much of the movie is completely ridiculous like Bond’s clown costume, gorilla outfit and Tarzan yell. One of the lowest points was Steven Berkoff’s acting which was deemed as awful and turned him in one of the worst Bond villains of all time. All in all, pretty bleak.

2. Die another Day (2002)

The twentieth James Bond movie didn’t really do much to justify the popularity of the franchise. In fact, it was one of the worst Bond movies ever made. Pierce Brosnan stepped into 007 agent’s shoes one last time alongside possibly one of the worst Bond girls ever – Halle Berry. In this sequel, Bond is fighting a ruthless North Korean colonel who had changed his facial features through surgery and is planning to use destructive sunlight laser in order to invade North Korea. Not only is the plot unconvincing and similar to a cartoon, horrible special effects and details such as invisible cars and loud explosions in the background make Die another Day a shameful attempt at an action movie.

1.  A View to Kill (1985)

Not even the star-studded cast could save this disaster of a Bond movie. Roger Moore gave it one more try in the role of 007 but he didn’t really exit the franchise in style. In A View to Kill James Bond is supposed to save California’s Silicon Valley from the villains played by Christopher Walken and Grace Jones. However, the movie didn’t rise to the expectations. Not only are the villains not convincing enough, and there is no chemistry between Moore and Tanya Roberts who played the Bond girl, but the whole plot is hopeless. And one of the biggest criticisms was on the count of Moore, 57 at the time, being too old for his part. All of this combined makes, according to numerous critics, the worst Bond movie of all time.