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I Am Cait Starring Caitlyn Jenner Renewed for a Second Season

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Caitlyn Jenner isn’t done with telling her story to the world. E! channel has decided to renew her reality show I Am Cait for a second season and let us experience the rest of her journey. 

When the show started airing in July this year, the ratings weren’t as high as expected. But even so, E! is not ready to give up on the show just yet.

Executive Vice President of E! Jeff Oldestated said: “Caitlyn’s story has ignited a global conversation about the transgender community on a scale that has never been seen before,” and added “We are honored Caitlyn has chosen to continue to share her ongoing story with our viewers around the world.

And indeed, Caitlyn’s show has done a lot for the transgender community which is getting more and more accepted as “the new normal.”


We have followed Cait on her path of transition which hasn’t always been easy. We have seen everything, from everyday women’s struggles of putting makeup on and assembling an outfit, to more serious issues of getting accepted by society and promoting the transgender community.

The show couldn’t go without the Kardashian clan popping up every once in a while as Caitlyn tried to maintain good relations with her family.

But the most anticipated moment happened in the season finale when Cait and her ex-wife Kris finally came face to face. Kris admitted to missing Bruce, and Caitlyn explained that the two would do whatever it takes to keep the family together.

The new season will give us further insight into Cait’s somewhat tense relationships with her daughters and Kris, but, more importantly, it will continue raising awareness about transgenders.

Caitlyn Jenner is, of course, thrilled to be able to continue telling her brave story as she tweeted “I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation.” And we are looking forward to hearing it.

Season 2 of I Am Cait is going to premiere in 2016.