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Top 13 Highest Paid Movie Actors

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Ben Affleck


Ben’s latest roles include the one in the thriller Gone Girl and the one everyone is talking about – Batman. The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, scheduled to be released in 2016, has him playing the character many people think is just not for him.

People on many forums and social networks turned against Affleck and his role as Batman, saying that he is unworthy of it. Wow, that’s got to hurt! Nevertheless, the decision has been made by Warner Bros. and they are not changing it. Whether people like it or not, Ben will definitely prosper. He has already earned $35 million last year, and it seems like he will be Batman not only for this movie, but for several others Marvel and Warner Bros. have planned for the next five years.

His future earnings will surely improve his net worth, which is currently estimated at around $75 million dollars.

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