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Top 13 Highest Paid Movie Actresses

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1. Angelina Jolie


The wife of Brad Pitt and an amazing actress who, even though she is 40 years old, looks better than some much younger actresses. She was the only actress who made it to the list of the 10 highest paid actors, so we can say that among women she earns the most money. She was earning $33 million in 2013, $11.5 million more than the second highest paid actress – Jennifer Lawrence.

However, her earnings, according to last year’s report, have significantly decreased and she now earns “only” $18 million dollars, which doesn’t throw her off the list. Her most recent movie performance is in the movie Maleficent where she successfully convinced us into believing that this classic villain has feelings, and is not all bad. You may also know her for Mr. & Mrs. Smith (in which she stars with her husband, Brad Pitt), Tomb Raider, Hackers, and many other successful movies. She doesn’t stop amazing her fans and it is very probable that she will remain one of the most popular actresses as long as she performs.

Her current net worth is around $240 million dollars.

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