12 Dead Musicians That Are Still Churning Out Cash 

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Even though they are long gone, these musicians still attract the attention of the fans. Whether they still live through their old glory or have a team releasing some pre-recorded new music, the fact is, they are still making money.

Some of us can’t earn this amount of money during our whole lives, but these 12 dead musicians are still earning millions from beyond the grave.

1. John Lennon


When the Beatles appeared in 1964 nobody could have predicted the incredible success they would achieve. But soon it became pretty clear just what a phenomenon these four rockers are. They brought a revolution to music and infected the whole world with it.

John Lennon became a legend. Both his music and political views are still praised around the world. When he was murdered in 1980, the world was left grieving for one of the best musicians ever.

Fifty-one years after the Beatles emerged they are still selling records and earning enormous amounts of money. And not just that. They have their show at Cirque du Soleil and many other projects that are still bringing in the cash.

As the singer and songwriter of the Beatles, John Lennon gets the biggest share of their sales. His account gets richer for another $12 million every year. Not that money ever meant anything to Lennon, but it’s beautiful to see all the recognition he is still getting.

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